Express Freight is the New Generation of Shipping!

Express Freight

Require Express Freight Learn More Here:

  • 12 skids and smaller or up to 24 feet/32,000 lbs
  • Car, Van, Cargo Van, Extended Cargo Van, Cube Van, Dock Level, Covered Flatbed
  • Specializing in Dedicated Rush and Panic!
  • Servicing all major USA lanes
  • Direct to Laredo, TX for Mexico exports
  • Order by Phone (1.800.817.9080) 

Cross Border and LTL Freight

Require Cross Border or LTL Freight Learn More Here:

  • Daily LTL to Buffalo, New York
  • Fleet of straight trucks to service Ontario and Cross Border LTL
  • ACE Document completion for cross-border shipments
  • Order by Phone (1.800.817.9080)

Types of Transportation

Discover Weight Capacities Here:

  • Hot Shot – trailer attached to a powerful pickup truck – Capacity 30,000 lbs
  • Car or Van – Lighter Loads
  • Cargo Van – Capacity 2500 lbs
  • 20 ft Enclosed Trailer / Flatbed / Capacity 10000 lbs / Side (Curtain) Loading or Top Loading
  • 5 Ton/Dock Level, 24 Feet
  • 53 Foot Tractor Trailer
  • Order by Phone (1.800.817.9080)

Training – Learn the Proper Loading and Unloading of Cargo Vans and High Top Vans

Watch this video to learn the proper procedures for the shipping and receiving areas that require backup.

Ramp Dock

Transportation Definitions

Express Freight – Expedite/Dedicated Rush/Panic – J.I.T.:

    • Express Freight is reserved for “Load and Go” when time is critical and you want your product to be delivered as fast as possible.
    • Some companies specialize in Expedite, Dedicated Rush, and Panic, which all mean the same thing. Loads may be of any size from cartons to skids of a product.
  • J.I.T. means Just In Time inventory delivery. Many companies require well-timed delivery of inventory to meet production demands. RapidGo specializes in this service.

Cross Border and LTL (Less Than Load) Freight:

    • Cross Border means loads which are being exported into the US or Mexico, or being imported into Canada. Delivering products across the border requires professional handling of documents for Customs purposes. All shipments into the United States now require ACE manifest documentation. Failure to prepare documentation properly may seriously delay delivery of products.
    • ACE means “Automated Commercial Environment”. All entries into the US must be accompanied with e-Manifest. Carriers must be approved and have online access to create electronic manifests for each shipment and commodity.
    • LTL means “Less Than Load”. Usually, 53 foot trailers are loaded with product from numerous places and their contents are delivered over several days. Often the loads are transferred to other trucks at a docking location for delivery over time in concentrated areas. A 24 foot dock level truck can be used for the same purpose for shorter distances.
    • FTL means “Full Truck Load”. We can now offer 53 foot trailers to any destination in Canada, the USA, and Mexico.
    • Hot Shot means a trailer attached to a powerful pickup truck that can carry up to 30,000 pounds in a hurry.
  • Flatbed refers to several capacities. There are flatbed trucks that carry cars, as well as larger trailers that carry very heavy equipment. Rapidgo also has an enclosed flatbed trailer that can carry up to 10,000 lbs and be loaded from side, back or top. We also have “step down” trailers, “double drop” or float decks. As well, we offer oversize load services.