Owner Operators​

Delivery Driver Strategies

Let us help you identify which delivery area best meets your goals. 

Select the type of driving that meets your level of flexibility, freedom & financial security.

Independent Business Owner

Owner Operator

  • You work for yourself often termed Self-employed
  • You schedule your work-time to maximize earnings
  • You market your services to customers directly
  • Your customers pay you directly
  •  You provide your own vehicle with insurance and proper licensing
  • You provide fuel and maintain your vehicle
  • You may establish a company 
  • You file taxes as a business 

Independent Contractor

  • You work with an agent to locate customers for you through an app platform
  • You have a flexible work schedule dependent on the platform activity
  • You supply your own vehicle and cover maintenance and fuel
  • Your payment comes to you through the agent platform
  • You must meet the criteria of the platform 
  • You may be deactivated by the platform
  • You may receive employment benefits
  • You may expense costs against income for tax purposes

Fully Employed

  • You have specified working conditions and hours
  • Your vehicle is fully supplied by the employer, including fuel and maintenance
  • You receive unemployment insurance
  • You receive healthcare coverage
  • Deductions are taken at the income source
  • You have no driving expenses

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