Top Tips for Loading High-Tops

These Top Tips for Loading High-Tops will help lower freight costs and streamline shipping procedures.

These top tips for loading high-top cargo vans will cut shipping costs and save time. Before calling Rapidgo Dispatch, have the dimensions available. You will need the length, the width, and the height, as well as the weight. See what other important details can save you time and money.

Tips to Load a High-Top

For drivers learning the top tips for loading high-tops means faster loading and unloading in addition to transporting more freight. The savings of time and the increased number of parcels or skids means more earnings.

How to Make Money with High-Top Vans

Expedite freight or even parcel delivery comes down to volume and weight being transported over distance. This is by definition, work. Delivery drivers receive payment for work completed.

Your goal for a parcel or small freight delivery is to carry as much weight as possible over the greatest distance. High-top vans provide the best cost-to-earnings ratio. The capacity is large enough to carry large volume items, allow access to small-parcel items, manipulate easily in urban environments, and accommodate the 1-3 skid space most often required for domestic and cross-border shipments.

For the shipper, this means the most affordable transportation for large quantities of parcels, oversized items, and commercial skid shipments is a high-top van. One way of reducing shipping costs is to allocate the shipment to the best-sized vehicle for the lowest cost.

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