In The News – February 2013

 In The News – February 2013

 Additional Equipment Available

       24 ft flatbed                   Sprinter Moving

      FlatBed –  Dock level, 24×8 foot deck, 10,000 lb capacity, tarps available. Perfect for oversize pcs, pipe, & machinery.
Sprinter – 15’Lx5’Wx6’H cargo room.  Perfect for over-height pcs, 3-4 skid shipments

Shipments come in all shapes and sizes.  So do the vehicles that safely transport your goods.  Selecting the right mode of transportation is the best way to reduce shipping costs.  Simply determine the dimensions and weight of your shipment and let a Rapidgo dispatch representative suggest the correct vehicle to minimize costs to you and your customers.

Account Payments by e-mail Reduce Costs

 Along with paperless invoicing, as part of Rapidgo’s, ever expanding, “green’ philosophy we now offer account payments by way of e-mail transfer.  Log into your business account, set up your e-mail transfer and enjoy less expensive, faster accounts payable handling.  Fewer hours spent dealing with payments allows more time on income producing activities.

 Ten Years And Growing

Rapidgo Inc. is celebrating ten years of servicing the expedite transportation needs of customers across N. America.  We thank all the loyal customers that have allowed us to expand to help others.  Visit our website next month to participate in the upcoming celebration events.