5 Must Keys to Lower Shipping Costs

5 Must Keys to Lower Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are normally expensed at variable rates. This means it is an area of consideration for streamlining and cost savings. Items include equipment, material, labor, and outside contractors.

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1. Determine Load Details

Shipments come in all shapes and sizes and so do trucks and trailers. Errors in truck-specification for a load can lead to unnecessary higher costs.

Start with knowing the correct dimensions – Length, Width, and Height.

What is the Weight?

What is the Commodity?

Is any of the material Hazardous Material?

Knowing these prior to contacting a trucking company will save significant time and money.

2. Know the Opening and Closing Times of Shipper and Consignee

What is the latest that the load can be picked up and still be delivered before closing?

Will it be necessary to hold a load overnight before delivery?

Avoiding unexpected overnight and warehousing fees will reduce costs.

3. Put it in Writing

If it is not in writing, it is not so, the experts say.

  • Send an email rather than calling in a pickup. It creates a trail that can be reviewed.
  • Use proper Waybills, Bills of Lading, Material Identifiers, and  Customs documents.
  • Shipments tracked by tracking numbers and proper documents have a higher chance of arriving on time and for lower costs.

4. Use the Same Carrier Often

  • Carrier reliability is the number one factor in determining a service provider.
  • Is the carrier available when you need them?
  • What is their response time to questions?
  • How easy is it to place an order?
  • Developing a problem-solving relationship with a few reliable carriers saves time and stress for the shipper

5. What is the Speed of Delivery

  • Is there a critical need for the shipment?
  • Is the shipping time outside of normal working hours?
  • Will the shipment require a dedicated truck that delivers directly to the destination without delay?
  • Many times trucks can deliver shipments faster than air freight when transfer times are considered.
  • Faster delivery is becoming the norm. A satisfied customer returns future business and shares their positive experience with others.

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