How to Lower Shipping Costs for Trucks

Whether it’s a local delivery Kitchener or shipping cross border, express freight, or same day shipping, you can make significant reductions in shipping costs by having the proper vehicle for your freight.  The sooner the shipment needs to be delivered, the more costs involved.  The best way to guarantee that a shipment will not be damaged is to load it onto one vehicle that is going directly to destination without transferring to another vehicle.

 In this article we are going to examine the advantages and disadvantages of using a Cargo Van for rapid freight delivery or courier service.  Trucks have variable size doors through which cargo can be loaded.

 Size, Weight, Speed of Delivery

 Cargo Van – Size, Weight, Speed limitations

                Size Measurement through open loading door;

  • L 120” x W48” x H47”

Weight Limits

  • 2500 – 4000 lbs


  • At present there are no driving restrictions.  Cargo vans may travel 24 hours per day.  Be aware of restrictions by traffic and border logs.

PROS:  Easy to ground load, can load two skids +, can side load and rear load, can travel with few time restrictions.

CONS: Dimensions through entrances limit shipment size, weight limits, shipment length limits

 What the shipper needs to know when you call to order a pick up.

 Size of the shipment 

  • What are the exact dimensions and weight of the shipment?
  • What are the sizes of the skids, L x W x H?
  • Are there any overhangs for any skids?
  • Are tall skids secured from tipping?
  •  How long (L) are the skids?
  •  How wide (W) are the skids?
  • How high (H) are the skids?
  • How much does the skid weigh in total – freight plus skid weight?
  • Will there be a forklift to off-load at destination for heavy skids?
  • When is the shipment ready for pick up?
  • When does it need to be delivered, day and time?
  • Will there be a receiver at the delivery location?
  • What are the hours of receiving?
  • Contact information for the receiver?
  • Any special equipment required for pick up or delivery?
You improve your chances of lowering your shipping costs by providing as much information as possible to the shipping company about size, weight and speed of delivery.